October 2019

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October 2019

Präsentation Bio Bank

October 2019

Zusammenfassung Reaktionen

October 2019

NNC-LIN Group presents „AKELOP“ first time

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Product Information

BOS-S-86/800 Storage System

for biological materials at a tempertaure range from +10° to -86° Celsius

Term for delivery 4 weeks

Preservation of biological material

Advantages at a glance

  • 600 to 800 store slots for 450ml bags
  • Approx 1.2 m² floor space
  • Totally organized and controlled
  • Complete monitoring
  • LN2 cooling system
  • No heat, no noise
  • Foot print 1100/1100/1850 mm (L/B/H)
  • Low operating costs
  • Small investment


  • Integrated blast freezer for 6-8 Plasma in 30 minutes
    down to -30°C inside
  • Exhausted cold N2 can be used for air condition

March 2010

NNC developed a new programm for Blastfreezer administration.

December 2009

NNC-MED TEC GmbH presents NSC / BOS in Turkey

New concepts are also needed in this part of the world, in order to make storage safe and to reduce costs. Good prerequisites for the deployment of the BOS system family.

September 2009

Developments are taking shape

Summer is finally over and projects are taking concrete shape.
A new freezing device for multi-phase collection of study data at different cooling rates is nearing completion.

Soon, -150°C will no longer be wishful thinking. Freezing/storing and organising will become a commercial reality!
New cooperation partners are currently being engaged, so look forward to the next few months.

July 2009

Spain Ole

A second trip to Spain confirmed all expectations. NSC Spain already has initial projects at the offer phase. The support of Air Liquid has been very helpful here.

June 2009

Spain calling

As well as its activities in Turkey and Dubai, NNC is also supporting the acquisition of new customers in Spain. Initial promising contacts have already been made. Very soon, NSC GmbH will have an active distributorship in the region.

May 2009

BOS-S/150 Development

Development is entering its decisive preparatory phase. In future, storing biological materials at temperatures of down to minus 150°C will be improved and safer in many respects.

April 2009

University Clinic Düsseldorf

The move from the old plant has been successful; BOS-S/040 has started work. Responsibility for all products could be handed over to the plants without any complications. NNC-MED TEC GmbH would like to thank the staff of the clinic and all helpers for their excellent cooperation.

March 2009


Negotiations with high-ranking representatives of Turkish interest groups were successful. NSC must present concepts and technical solutions that will set new standards.


supports negotiations in many European, Arab and Asian countries. NSC has a successful international presence and is currently working on very interesting contracts and highly professional discussions on cooperation.

January 2009

Arab Health, the trade fair was a success - Pictures

December 2008


The container is on the water. Departure from Seevetal

BOS S 040, the film

Can be accessed at NSC Hamburg see cover

November 2008

Dubai is in preparation. The container is there, the fittings are in production.

Filming installation of the BOS-S/040 systems at the University Clinic Düsseldorf has been concluded. The film will be edited by the beginning of December, copied onto DVD and can then be accessed by interested parties.

A team of 4 specialists and an actor have really worked hard. 2 days of shooting are behind us.

The command centre
The security centre
The little helpers

October 2008

University Clinic Düsseldorf: All 34 BOS-S 040 systems have been cleaned and disinfected.

September 2008

Development of BOS S/150 is going according to plan.

The installation at the University Clinic Düsseldorf will be completed with the final “improvements” in the 38th calendar week. The temperature tests that have already started have exceeded all expectations.

view temp test?

The development of the new BOS-T for NSC GmbH is completed, 3 systems have already been delivered to the University Clinic Düsseldorf.

view BOS-T?


The audit for MC-CE testing has taken place, successfully of course! The original certificate is expected by mid-October.

An initial working session between NNC-MED TEC GmbH and the Cryotherm company resulted in good initiatives for the development of the semi-automated BOS-S Type 150. The system is being prepared for the -150°C field of application and will have all the functional advantages of the BOS-S Type 40.

The plants at the University Clinic Düsseldorf for accommodating around 60,000 plasmas at -43°C, approx. 280,000 special reference samples and approx. 250,000 reference samples are completely installed. Qualification tests will take place in the 37th calendar week, and then storage can begin.

Things get serious on 29.08.2008, the systems in the University Clinic Düsseldorf will be MP-CE tested.

NNC-MED TEC GmbH has won the contract to prepare the systems for cryopreservation.
Planning has started, semi-automated for -150°C.

"All mouth, all substance"

"Life" begins, and safety is already ensured.
The tank has been filled and the prescribed gas warning system is now operating.

Installation starts. Within a week, the systems are wired and connected to the cold gas supply; the data processing is prepared and ready for the tests in the 34th calendar week. The required nitrogen has been ordered, and off it goes!

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